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I've been making clothes ever since my beach barbie was invited to a party and couldn't show up in her bikini! It kinda helped my family was in the textile business and fashion was always part of the table discussions. Touching silk was one of my favorite childhood games when visiting dad at work! Texture and color was sort of an o.c.d.... Imagining rolls of textile unwinding, cutting it in different shapes in my mind and in reality making barbie dresses from small remaining pieces... But it was all just a game, or so i thought so i went to law-school and tried to do something grown-up and serious... Making dresses for occasions was a hobby, i loved cut-out and backless pieces and couldn't find them in the market so i had to design them... I love the beach and island life and parties, huge eventful oscar-like parties... I like to be bold... It excites me  how you can wear sth at the beach with sandy feet and dress it up for evening and turn it into a memorable party piece. When wearing my designs I was more than often asked where can get this? Well, now i can finally answer that question!

Ps: the zzz... Is because a girl can dream...